Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More bedspreads to enjoy!

...And more bedspreads in the Filati magazine. Tell me if this isn´t one of the most beautiful cover ever. I will loose these colors but I already imagine the same in different shades of brown or beige or even gray.
And for those wanting a little bit more of a challenge...you are well served with cables and bobbles
...and more bobbles for you. I can only picture this one as a shawl or a scarve as it does not strike me as a bedspread or even and afghan or a small blanket.
The same as this one, but hey! I may cheer myself and do and afghan with it. After all these panes are very quick to make and I imagine it would take no more than 32 of them or 36 at the most. Maybe making the panes double in color will save you time.
More granny squares
This one in particular is not only too busy for my taste but further more in my opinion certain mix of colors does not let the stitches shine for themselves. So I wil pass on this one.
What about these lovely knitted panes with different textures. I just love them and I will probably change the colors to blue, pink, brown and yet have to decide on the last color.

 Definitely not for me
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