Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Great bedspreads

I have bought a magazine that is full of Blanket and afghan and these are lovely and I wanted to share few pictures with you from this magazine. I have yet to make the first one but most of them are in my to do list as bedspread.
This is the cover of the magazine. Isn´t this cover incredible! A lot of work to put in it but the result should be a great reward. Such said, I have to confess this is not my style. Stripes and I are far from being lovers and so many colors spook me out.

and I am showing only few of them. This is a wave stitch bedspread.
Teresa from the art of crochet shows with much details how to do the Larksfoot stitch on you tube. It´s a go for this lovely purple and blue bedspread
I think this one may be a shell stitch but I am not sure as it look also as a wheel stitch. Will have to check the magazine that I do not have handy as we speak but these are my favorite colors though.
Another keeper. Is this a ripple stitch crochet aka weave basket stitch? or is it a lazy wave or Chevron stitch? So many names for this stitch that I am not gonna stretch much about it. When time comes I will know he!he! I love it!
And then one of my favorite. I will probably change these baby colors but still...it´s a keeper. oh! by the way this is a...oops! Got the name of the stitch on the tip of my tongue but....no...nothing. Can´t remember!
And...keeping them coming. This one I will do to and not as a blanket for sure. I might keep the same colors as they look claming and refreshing.
...and of course they would not leave this simple but yet beautiful granny square out of their choices. And I have to say that what I love the most with theses grannies is how they alternate two different sizes and yet manage to have a darning result.
Keep seing them in More bedspreads to enjoy!

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