Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yarn Shopping

I went yarn shopping yesterday and I bought Patagonia yarn which is extremely soft. The earth tone  color definetely caught my attention. I have yet to decide what to knit to do with it. 
The only downsize is that it comes in polyester which means my choices are very limited. Either a scarf or a vest and this is a closer look to of the fiber. It looks like braids.
Then I also got some 100 % wool in a variegated color. Unvortunately I could not buy more  because it is a bit pricey.
Maybe I will mix it with a thin fiber...or not
It is a variegated yarn
And last but not least
 In two different color, beige and dark brown. I am and earth tone fan. Fot this specific yarn I alreacy have a pattern in mind for a small vest all in brown with a beige border.
I love going to the Filati store. They have the best yarn in town in my humble opinion and the service they provide is out of this world. So far it is my favorite LYS in Mexico.

Besides they published their own crochet and knitting magazine although I have to mention that nethe patterns are far from being for beginners level. In fact, you need more than the basic skills to execute their patterns. Sometimes they may give a chart but mostly they give you and overall explanation . The good thing is if you are stucked at some pon t knitting/crocheting a pattern you just drop by their store and you will find someone to tell you exactly what to do.

If only I could have more money to go yarn shopping more often...sigh*

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