Friday, September 20, 2013

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Octagons and squares Bedspread - Finished

It´s been a while since I started this bedcover. I could not find neither the black nor Aran or burgandy color in the supersaver RED Heart yarn so I tried with several different other brands but did not like any of them. Finally last week, in my quest to find a fabric to make a purse, I enter into a small store in the Zocalo zone and boom, there was all color of Red Heart Super Saver like there was no tomorrow. I literally jumped out of joy, needless to say that I bought all the black /aran/ and burgandy I could  I finished it Saturday night and I just have to block it.
Although it is said that acrilic cannot be block but I will steam it anyway.




Friday, August 23, 2013

Two color sweater

Por fin he podido sacar el tiempo necesario para terminar todas las piezas de mi sweater.  Me gusto mucho este modelo que encontré en una revista. Altere el modelo un poco al cambiar no tan solo el color pero también optar por no hacer el intarsia cuya técnica me intimida un poco.
Espero poder montar las piezas muy pronto.

Mangas largas

Pieza del cuello

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Pinky hat

I think I should pass a nice ribbon through the slots and also hadd a flower. This is a hat for a toddler made in crochet.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Pink scarf

I have started this scarf about a 2 month ago and I finally took time this week end work on it. I have been so busy at the office lately that I have not touch a needle. It felt so go to renew with my hobby after so many "needle free" days.
I have to finish it f course but yet here is a picture of what I have so far. I have crossed 6 crocheted strands

 I hope after blocking it the look will be even more beautiful.

 I am only missing about 17 rows and hopefully I can work on it no later than this tonight
 Cashemere crocheted with circular needles No. 3.5mm Knitter´s Pride.
 Check the finish scarf here

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My shrugs

About two month ago I started two shrugs that I finally finished yesterday. The first one is a dark red color. I think it is a burgandy. I used my fingers as a hook (finger crochet)  to do the body but you could also use a 12 or 15mm crochet hook and a small crochet hook 3.5mm was used for the neck and border. It is a fluffy or fantasy beige yarn.
It took 8balls of 50gr of that beige color to get this done and I hooked about 5 DC in each segment. the burgandy is a yarn from Berroco I think but can´t rememenber.

Another shrug but the top is done with fpdc and bpdc wich is almost the equivalent of the ribbing stitch in knitting.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lana de borrego

At the beginning of May, I spent a week-end in a very small but beautiful city called San Miguel Allende in Mexico and during my tour at the Aurora Plaza I purchased the following yarns

It is wool from lambs although the balls were not wrapped or packed but I talk to the owner of the store and she confirms what I already suspected. They might weight no more then 60 grams but yet I have to measure the yardage. Suppose I will do so when the time comes to choose a pattern.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Cubrecama multicolor

Estuve trabajando en un nuevo set de granny squares durante el fin de semana para un cubrecama. Los colores elegidos no son en realidad a mi gusto pero el caso pidio que saliera de mi zona de comfort y esto se debio a que en la habitacion de invitados no entra el sol para nada y me imagino que seria mejor entonces elegir unos colores mas vivos.
He elegido los estambres de Red Heart Soft en los colores Uva, Rosado, Tangerine, Guacamole y Negro. El estambre negro sera para la union de todos los granny squares.

Tendre que tejer 64 granny squares y son de tamaño 10x10 pulgadas.

Tengo 26 granny listo, so 38 more to go.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Blusa Tangerine

Ayer pude terminar una blusita que empece hace unas tres semanas. Cambie un poco el patron al hacer el cuello menos alto y tambien quite las mangas largas. Use el color Tangerine 4422 de Red Heart soft con un gancho de 4mm. Era un patron muy facil.
No entiendo porque la photo aparece de este color aunque he tratato de tomar de diferentes angulos.
 Punto elastico en crochet hecho con front post and back post double crochet

Monday, April 29, 2013

Your crochet hooks

I was reading about crochet hooks on a blog site and I kept thinking: what am I looking for in a crochet hook? When I first picked crochet as a hobby, I would crochet with steel hook only. Why? Well for basics reason:
- I did not have a list of yarns where to choose from. The only place to dig into was my grandma´s basket and she not only crocheted with only 100% mercerized cotton but also the list of colors were not very long.
a) white
b) beige
and that was it. that was the list. No blue or red or pink or let alone variegated. I never saw her uses other color but these two.
The hooks were all steel. But it is not like you could find more choices in the stores either because even the stores where grandama could buy her hooks came down to be less than the 5 fingers in a hand.
Time went by and once I was cleaning my mothers stash and she had some very nice 100% wool from years back that she never uses and there were some pretty nice colors too. This specific wool called for a much larger hook and she had one big wooden # 6 hook and only than I discover there were other material than steel. So I get more involved in crocheting and knitting I started digging and I was not only amazed but also overwhelmed about the plethora of crochet hooks available in the market:

and much more

 The list is endless....

So I started a real quest about crochet hooks and I discovered they come in different materials as:
Steel, bone, ivory, aluminium, plastic, bamboo, wood, acrylic, resin and the list goes on...
It became more difficult too with so many different brands such as:
Boyle, Susan Bates, Yellow Gold, Clover, Tulip, Brittany Birch, Lion Bran, Crystal Palace, Create for less...
Then someone thought it was not hard enough to have so many categories and they added simple hooks, intercheangeable, ergonomic....
I even discovered hooks for pepople that suffers Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

It was amazing what I discovered during my journey into the world of crochet hooks. Th more I slooked the more I learned and I fall into the trap barehands by becoming particular about my hooks although not picky at all about the brand I uses and by that I also mean that quality is not a necessity for me however I need to feel comfortable If I am crocheting a big project as a bedcover or afghan, a blanket etc. For a quick doily I may be not so picky but again...I do not crochet doily as often as I used to during my younger years.

Each project may call for a particular kind of hook depends on the yarn that you will be using
My first choice goes to steel over anything else (maybe it´s force of habit) but I don´t mind using the aluminium ones although they are king of heavy and if you have sweaty hands they are not the right choice for you.

I stay away from plastic, resin and acrylic at all cost because of the annoying snags and squeaks and I think plastic hooks tend to leave burrs on the hook. I totally refuse to use them on any project no matter what.

Some people favors the bamboo and woods hooks because they address they weight issue. They are very light and comfortable and they do not transfer heat versus steal or aluminium. I don´t use them often unless the pattern calls for it.

My conclusion is that you have to feel comfortable with the hook you choose so no one will know what right for you but yourself. Now, go crochet something beautiful.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Chamara azul

Sigo tejiendo para una hospital de niño. Me gusta tejer para los pequeños. El patron de esta chamaritta viene con cuello pero opte por quitarselo. Me faltan todavia pegar los tres botones y listo.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Great bedspreads

I have bought a magazine that is full of Blanket and afghan and these are lovely and I wanted to share few pictures with you from this magazine. I have yet to make the first one but most of them are in my to do list as bedspread.
This is the cover of the magazine. Isn´t this cover incredible! A lot of work to put in it but the result should be a great reward. Such said, I have to confess this is not my style. Stripes and I are far from being lovers and so many colors spook me out.

and I am showing only few of them. This is a wave stitch bedspread.
Teresa from the art of crochet shows with much details how to do the Larksfoot stitch on you tube. It´s a go for this lovely purple and blue bedspread
I think this one may be a shell stitch but I am not sure as it look also as a wheel stitch. Will have to check the magazine that I do not have handy as we speak but these are my favorite colors though.
Another keeper. Is this a ripple stitch crochet aka weave basket stitch? or is it a lazy wave or Chevron stitch? So many names for this stitch that I am not gonna stretch much about it. When time comes I will know he!he! I love it!
And then one of my favorite. I will probably change these baby colors but´s a keeper. oh! by the way this is a...oops! Got the name of the stitch on the tip of my tongue Can´t remember!
And...keeping them coming. This one I will do to and not as a blanket for sure. I might keep the same colors as they look claming and refreshing.
...and of course they would not leave this simple but yet beautiful granny square out of their choices. And I have to say that what I love the most with theses grannies is how they alternate two different sizes and yet manage to have a darning result.
Keep seing them in More bedspreads to enjoy!